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We are a dedicated team of engineers, computer scientists, and business professionals united by a singular vision: to advance the safety and reliability of generative AI. Our secret weapon is the rigorous application of formal methods and proof assistants. With a deep understanding of AI, security, formal methods, and industry applications, our team is uniquely positioned to tackle the challenges that come with ensuring the safety of these Ai systems.

Collaboration, transparency, and a commitment to the rigorous application of science and mathematics are the foundations of our work. But we also understand business and economics and the law surrounding Ai and safety. Help us prepare as we help you prepare for the new Ai centered world.


Marcin Grzybowski, Co-Founder, CEO (Stalowa Wola) stands at the crossroads where the discipline of Agda meets the vibrancy of AI. He is a strong believer in the principle of software correctness and has harnessed this belief as a co-founder of Formal Foundry. As AI continues to disrupt and shape our world, Marcin’s commitment to software correctness remains his guiding light. This conviction forms the bedrock of his contributions to Formal Foundry as they continue to navigate and unlock the untapped possibilities in this fast-evolving field. Marcin began his career as a software engineer working with dependently typed languages and homotopy type theory, initially applied to personal projects, but later skillfully woven into commercial endeavors.  Marcin led a team at e-orzecznik.pl (with FormalFoundry partners Marek and Krystian), where he introduced Agda to create provably consistent system specifications. He also led a multidisciplinary team of 15 developers at Inventive Software LLC. Prior to this, he and Formal Foundry partner Grzegorz successfully launched a software product for the event industry. In 2021 Marcin joined FormaFoundry JV partner MuKn where he was instrumental in the development of an experimental compiler that makes the creation of zk-SNARKs easier for DApp developers. He extended his influence in the field of formal verification and software correctness by leading MuKn’s Glow Formal Verification project for Cardano platform as Project Manager and Lead Developer.


Grzegorz Kunicki, Co-Founder, COO (Krakow), a Master’s degree holder in computational linguistics from Jagiellonian University in Cracow, brings a wealth of experience from his 15-year tenure managing a consultancy business. He has gained extensive expertise in business intelligence, data brokering, and marketing. Grzegorz has consistently earned the trust of diverse industries and has successfully delivered on significant projects, including providing OSINT services for Airbus Military, conducting market monitoring for ZPUE in the electric power engineering sector. Furthermore, he was involved in the execution of marketing and communication materials for companies such as Honeywell, Metro Group, and Maspex. In addition, as a co-founder of an innovative company in the event industry, Grzegorz played a pivotal role in building a product that became a domestic market leader in Poland, demonstrating his capacity to drive innovation and business growth. Grzegorz enjoys cycling, basketball, snowboarding, and photography of contemporary architecture.


François-René Rideau, Co-founder, Chief Scientist (Philadelphia)  is a cybernetician with professional experience in both AI and Formal Methods, as well as an expert in distributed systems and capability-based security architectures. An alumnus of the prestigious École Normale Supérieure in Paris (rue d’Ulm), he has always kept a foot in scientific research and published many peer-reviewed papers even after leaving Academia for Industry. Early in his career, he led the development of a formal proof in Coq for a (centralized) payment system that later passed review by judicial experts. As a senior engineer at ITA Software, he launched the first interlining-capable airline reservation system not based on 1960s SABRE technology,—written in Lisp, a language in the flourishing of whose ecosystem he played a key role. He has also worked at such notable corporations as Google and Bridgewater Associates. Since 2017, he has co-founded several blockchain-agnostic cryptocurrency software companies, and continues to innovate in the field of decentralized applications and developer experience design.


Peter Hubshman, Co-Founder, Chief of Business Development & FInance (New York) is a seasoned finance and operations executive with over 25 years of industry and startup experience. Peter has a diversified portfolio of startups and clients ranging from tech-based software and hardware platforms to media production, to product manufacturing to ATFs and transportation infrastructure. Peter started as a key founding member of New York PE firm First Atlantic Capital where he gained experience in buying and managing mid-market manufacturers. More recently he was Interim CFO of rising star Gemic.com (telling the future of brands for F100 cos.) where he presided over finance from fall 2019 until their PE raise in Q1 2022. A year before he worked on strategic plans, budgets, and economic modeling for theDroneRacingLeague to raise their successful C-round. His experience extends to private and public market funding and he has founded such notable Web 2.0 startups as Creditcards.com, Luggage.com, Phone.com, Blackdove.com, and more than a dozen others. A graduate of Yale SOM and Tufts U he has a long standing interest in AI. Currently he is also Chief of Finance & Portfolio Operations at MuKn.


Krystian Nieradko, Co-Founder, Chief of Engineering & Development (Stalowa Wola) is an accomplished Haskell developer known for his hands-on approach and operational excellence. His proven track record in maintaining safety-critical infrastructure in the public sector, notably at the Polish State Fire Service, speaks volumes of his commitment and skill. Together with Marcin and Marek, Krystian has been instrumental in the growth and success of e-Orzecznik, a burgeoning SaaS platform for managing medical records. His exceptional command over DevOps has ensured excellent service availability since the platform’s launch.

In the realm of experimental technology, Krystian has shone with his innovative integration of ChatGPT with the Agda compiler. His initiative seamlessly merges artificial intelligence with functional programming, showcasing his aptitude for novel, boundary-pushing ideas. As the key figure responsible for the release of our tools and the execution of our experiments, Krystian’s contribution to our infrastructure and projects remains invaluable. His passion for Haskell and dedication to practicality shape his operational leadership, providing a solid backbone for our ever-evolving technological solutions


Marek Szkodziński, Co-founder, Chief Product Officer (Stalowa Wola) is an experienced team manager who has successfully led the development and scaling of multiple SaaS products. His portfolio boasts significant experience in the sensitive field of medical documentation software, a testament to his attention to detail and compliance. Notably, Marek oversaw the design and deployment of a DSL-based, configurable product for managing medical documentation, showcasing his ability to navigate complex regulations while maintaining product innovation and practicality.


Piotr Migdał, Science & Technology Advisor (Warszawa) is a seasoned technologist with an extensive background in quantum computing, deep learning, and data science. He co-founded Quantum Flytrap, a startup focused on making quantum technology accessible for businesses, and served as an AI researcher at ECC Games, where he contributed to deep learning projects simulating racing car physics.

His consulting experience includes providing machine and deep learning expertise to clients like deepsense.ai, Intel, and Samsung Research. Piotr holds a PhD in Quantum Optics Theory from ICFO – The Institute of Photonic Sciences, underscoring his solid academic background.

In the tech community, Piotr has gained recognition through his project Virtual Lab’s nomination for the 27th Webby Awards, his creation of the popular Python library livelossplot, and the founding of Data Science PL, Poland’s largest data science community. His wide-ranging research publications reflect his diverse interests, spanning disciplines from quantum physics to mathematical psychology, educational games, and data visualization.


Jim Hubshman, Science & Technology Advisor (New York) is an AI research scientist and software developer with a thirty-plus year technical career, most of which has been in R&D for the defense and intelligence communities. He has extensive experience designing and developing machine learning and computer vision systems. His breadth of experience ranges from educational software and games in the private sector, to image processing and controls & displays for Navy submarines, to machine learning applications used by the NSA. Jim holds an MS in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence and a BS in Electrical Engineering from George Washington University.


Alexander’s Smart, Business Advisor (Boston) (He/Him) is Chairman & CEO of MuKn.com, a Web3 technology studio with a special focus on providing safety and security through formal methods. As an attorney, Alexander loves civil procedure, and how the procedural rules – and the ways they evolved over time – create evolving  order in a complex system. He co-founded MuKn because he believes that formal methods and proofs may be the best way to impose rules on increasingly complex software systems.  They will also help us automate and decentralize corporate entities and structures. The lightning-fast and potentially frightening advances seen in generative AI highlight the importance of creating active rules that ensure safety, security, and order on those systems. Alexander is a graduate of UChicago and Pepperdine School of Law, and is licensed to practice law in New York, Massachusetts, and California.


Kathryn (Kathy) Madden, Business Advisor (New York), holds a Masters Degree in Cultural Anthropology from the University of California, Santa Barbara. After research in academia, she worked as an Information Specialist in consumer markets at the New York advertising and marketing agencies Lord Geller Federico Einstein, and Ammirati & Puris Inc. Kathy then joined the Corporate Planning Group of the Dunn & Bradstreet Corporation, New York NY, as an Intercultural Analyst and in-house Anthropologist at Large. Her focus was on business strategies and management issues across cultural borders within the European Community. She has also done technical editing and consulting for software companies such as Kenan Systems Inc. in Massachusetts, and startup Kanito in Rome, Italy, as well as the United Nations Information Center in Washington, D.C. Kathy is intrigued by the changing dynamics of artificial intelligence. She brings her intercultural perspective to FormalFoundry’s global vision and goals, and strongly supports a collective knowledge approach to intelligent operations.




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