AI Safety Sponsors

We built our program to include AI Safety Sponsorship as a critical component. Whether you are motivated to balance ESG and corporate responsibility with your active contribution, or purely driven by your own direct interest in Ai safety for your own or client applications, or want to understand the latest in Ai safety technology for policy and strategy considerations, this program is for you.

AI Safety Sponsorship funds will be used to sign up startups in the generative AI space who might otherwise not join our program. We are targeting 500 R&D Participants in order to introduce 500 of the most important technologists in AI to the benefits of formal methods and proofs in asserting controls on Ai. At this level, for $2,500, you are buying a year of API access for a worthy startup in the industry and accelerating knowledge and understanding for safety in AI.

There is more to AI Safety Sponsorship than the benefit to others. If you are a consulting firm or a technology investor, we think you will also find that your organization will grow in its knowledge of AI safety technologies that could be critical to your own or client use of the technology as well as investment decisions.

Let’s call you InvestConsult.ai. We think your experience in the program will be like this:

Stage 1: InvestConsult.ai partners receive regular newsletters, gaining insights into new developments in AI safety. Architects, engineers, and quants on the team are glad to have access to the rich and relevant information available in the developer-focused newsletters.

Stage 2: InvestConsult.ai partners also get early first-hand information on our research and research papers. They start building their knowledge on generative AI proof assistants and related topics that will prove important in the rapidly involving AI landscape.

Stage 3: Early access to project demos gives the more technical and experienced InvestConsult.ai partners a practical understanding of the technology. This generates discussions on how such concepts can shape their own future projects and investments.

Stage 4: As InvestConsult.ai continues to receive updates and insights, they begin incorporating new safety methodologies into their own technology roadmap. This helps InvestConsult.ai partners plan and design potential new products with advanced active AI safety technology in mind.

Conclusion: R&D Sponsorship for InvestConsult.ai creates a strong competitive advantage, internally, for clients, and for investments in AI. Now, they are armed with up-to-date knowledge and industry insights, allowing them to stay ahead of the curve.

Ready to dive into the latest AI safety research and stay updated on cutting-edge developments?