Industry Partners

If you become an Industry Partner, you will be investing in your company’s Ai safety future. 


We think the use of formal methods and proofs for automating Ai safety and controls is an inevitable forethought on the part of the many giants of logic, math, and computer science upon whose shoulders we build. Their advanced models of human understanding, though once impeded by chip speed, now drive us humbly forward toward this new age of Ai. We invite you to join us, if not for our tech then for the knowledge transfer we can provide. And, we trust you will agree on the importance of this endeavor.

Imagine you are a global tech giant in communications with an already launched GenAi-driven product, AIbotnet.ai. You are currently leading in the development of sophisticated chatbot technologies and you envision applying your latest chatbot AI to some safety-critical domains. Of course, the possibility of “killing it” in this application space hinges primarily on the robustness of the safety systems you build and apply.  Thus, the stakes are enormous.  You need more safety depth and a new edge to succeed.  After your briefing with the R&D team at Formal Foundry, your team is primed for the program.

Stage 1: AIbotnet.ai gains access to all the benefits of Level 2. Their research and development teams are intrigued and inspired by the regular updates they receive, and the research tools, and codebases they access.

Stage 2: Industry Partners are limited in number and FormalFoundry is looking at these partners’ specific domains for application safety research and data. This means that AIbotnet.ai will be enabled to leverage their access to our applications and tools more specifically than other participants. By being a Research Partner, AIbotnet.ai gains uniquely applicable insights and findings.

Stage 3: Our Quarterly demo release demonstrates the potential of generative AI systems that can provide safe instructions for operators in safety-critical situations. For AIbotnet.ai’s stakeholders, this further underscores the value of combining generative AI with formal verification methods for ensuring safety.

Stage 4: AIbotnet.ai becomes an active participant in FormalFoundry’s Advisory Steering Committee. Their contributions ensure that the research maintains a practical focus on their specific concerns, especially on the real-world implications of applying AI in safety-critical contexts for their domains.

Stage 5: FormalFoundry’s on-site support and assistance with tool setup allows AIbotnet.ai to establish experimental environments for testing the application of safety guarantees in AI outputs. The goal is to ensure that the generated instructions will never prompt an operator to put a system in a state of risk.

Stage 6: AIbotnet.ai collaborates with FormalFoundry on a custom whitepaper (proof of concept). The White Paper elucidates the possibility of applying AI safely in new, high-stakes domains of interest to AIbotnet.ai, made feasible by verifying the safety of AI outputs. The White Paper becomes a key supporting piece in AIbotnet.ai’s strategic move into a potentially controversial application market for AI.

Conclusion: AIbotnet.ai’s participation as an Industry Partner in FormalFoundry’s R&D program allows them not only to shape the trajectory of AI safety research and development but also to understand how such research can be a crucial enabler for using AI in safety-critical domains. Their early exposure to and involvement in this transformative technology puts them at the forefront of integrating such technologies into future AI products and services, potentially opening new markets for AI applications.

Are you looking for a strategic partnership in AI safety with direct applications to your domain? Want to give your enterprise the chance to shape future AI safety measures?