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Please join us on our journey to shape the future of Ai safety. See for yourself how your company can use the techniques, tools and knowledge from this program for a safer Ai-driven future. Whether you join as a Safety Sponsor, an R&D Participant, or an Industry Partner, your contribution to this program will help drive AI safety forward now.

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Ai Safety Sponsor

Sponsor Safety Help startups gain entry to our program. Your contribution will fund participants and industry partners. Follow our progress live and gain the early insights and information you need to make investment and client decisions about formal methods for AI safety and controls.

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R&D Participant

Be proactive: Help make AI safer for everyone. Join as an R&D Participant. Be deeply engaged with our tools and code. Experiment with our APIs and data as we demonstrate guide-rail construction, tuning configurations for test cases, test models and cases in live virtual group sessions.


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Industry Partner

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Drive R&D. Help make AI safer for critical-use cases. Bring your insights and knowledge to the table as we customize tools for your test systems and show how active safety protocols could work directly for you, in this high-impact, collaborative R&D exploration. (Limited availability)





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We are entering an era where the ability to ensure correctness at scale will be a critical capability, one that will require the combined efforts of the fields of formal methods, machine learning, and software development.